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Now serving the Greater-Sacramento area:

The Empowerment Center, by Single Mom Strong!

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The Empowerment Center is located at 7525 Auburn Blvd. suite 5, in Citrus Heights and serves Sacramento, Yolo and Placer County single mothers and their children.  

Affordable, quality preschool and childcare are available to all children (not just children of single moms), but by volunteering in the center, single mothers will have access to greater cost reduction.  The extended hours and drop-in options meet the needs of those with unconventional schedules. Most importantly, these children will benefit from a values-based early childhood education program focused on reading, art and STEM activities. Learn more about our preschool and childcare programs HERE.


In addition to our EmpowerME Childcare programs, single mothers will be able to participate regularly and comfortably in our workshops and coaching programs, knowing their children are being well-cared for in the next room.  A variety of work-shops, support groups, Fit Club activities, Book Club activities and community celebrations will be offered weekly to single mothers of the Single Mom Strong community. 


Monday through Friday, during the day, mothers utilizing the childcare can take advantage of FREE co-work space.  Plus, meeting and party space will be available within the building at reasonable rates, by appointment, for members of our community.   Each mother will be offered a FREE initial intake appointment, in order to get to know our team, learn about local resources benefiting single moms, and discuss coaching and mentoring opportunities.  One-on-one coaching and accountability sessions will also be available two days per week.  July's calendar is just a start of all our community can enjoy in the EC. Stay tuned!



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