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While single parents have the opportunity to volunteer in exchange for discounted tuition, EmpowerME serves all children, not just children being raised by single parents.  At EmpowerME, we strive to create a welcoming, safe, and supportive learning environment where children feel free to express themselves and feel a strong sense of community.  We promote the values of honesty, respect, gratitude, compassion, perseverance, responsibility and love. We emphasize that the Empowerment Center and its contents belong to all of us and demonstrate a care for each other and our belongings. The center is staffed by Early Childhood Educators, volunteers and single mother members of our community.   We offer a year-round full and part-day Preschool Enrichment Program in an effort to make quality care affordable for all.  Additionally, our drop-in school-age program is available on holidays and days school is not in session from August- May each year. Finally, both Preschool and School-Age Summer Camp is offered in June and July annually.  

Location and Operating Hours

EmpowerME operates within the Empowerment Center by Single Mom Strong at 7525 Auburn Blvd. suite 5 Citrus Heights, CA.  We welcome all children regardless of race, creed, or national origin. Our facility offers discounts to single parents who volunteer in the center, but our services are not limited to children of single mothers.  All children ages 2 (must be potty-trained) to 5 are welcome in our preschool program.  School age children aged 5-14 are welcome for summer camp and drop-in care.  We are licensed by the Department of Social Services and the State of California (Facility Number: 343622983/343622984).


Our preschool program is designed to build character and independence through play. At EmpowerME, nurturing care givers support the development of the whole child.  Our program is offered to 15 students per session, five days per week (Monday through Friday), starting at $135/week.  All children must bring a sack lunch. Snacks are provided. Enrollment options include:

3 days per week (as selected by parent)- Call for pricing and volunteer discounts

5 days per week AM: 7:15am-12 Noon (M-F)- Call for pricing and volunteer discounts

5 days per week Full Time (Monday through Friday)- Call for pricing and volunteer discounts

Drop-In/Hourly – space permitting, must pre-register- $8/ hour non-volunteer - $6/ hr volunteer


We offer daily care on all the days your school is closed! Our Non-School Day care programs, including Winter and Summer Break Camps, are designed to be a safe, fun, affordable resource.  A typical day at our camps includes: a STEM activity, reading and journaling, a values- reinforcement activity, indoor and outdoor play, games and other fun activities.  We also work with other nonprofit organizations to add interesting programs and field trips!  All children must bring a sack lunch.  Snacks are provided. Offered to up to 28 students per session, on designated days, based on area school closures. 7:15am-5:45pm

$33 per day.  Call for volunteer discount availability

Drop-In/Hourly – space permitting, must pre-register- $8/ hour non-volunteer - $6/ hr volunteer


Our Summer Camp is a special program of EmpowerME, offered at a DRAMATICALLY REDUCED RATE in support of our community.  We accept up to up to 28 school-aged students per session, five days per week (Monday through Friday).  Enrollment options include:
5 days/ week (Monday through Friday) – 9 hour maximum 7:30am- 5:45pm                

$109/ week non-volunteer - $89/ week volunteer

5 days/ week (Monday through Friday) – 11 hour maximum 7:00am- 6:30pm COMING SOON        

Pre-school aged siblings will be enrolled at the same rate as school-aged summer camp attendees during the months of June and July.  Individual attendees will be enrolled at regular full-time care rates.  Drop-In/Hourly – space permitting, must pre-register


Our Thanksgiving and Winter Break Camps are an extension of our Non-School Day Care program.  We accept up to up to 28 school-aged students per session, up to five days per week (Monday through Friday).  Enrollment is available on a first come- first served basis at a rate of $33 per day, or you may purchase a 5-day pack at a discounted rate of $150.   9 hour maximum 7:30am- 5:45pm                

Drop-In/Hourly – space permitting, must pre-register

It's a fact that working single parents

usually have less time to interact

with their child(ren) and participate

in school activities than those from two parent families.  At EmpowerME, we will work to fill those gaps, starting with our focus on literacy.  Our goal is for the children of the Single Mom Strong Community to read above grade level throughout their period of involvement with our programs.  Currently only 45% of children in Sacramento County are reading at or above grade level, and that percentage is lower for children of single mothers.   We are striving

to change those statistics.

2019 Non-School Days:

9/2, 9/13, 10/4, 10/31,

11/1, 11/11, 11/12,

11/25-11/29 (closed on Thanksgiving),

12/19, 12/20,

12/23- 12/27 (closed on Christmas) 

Minimum of ten children registered to open.  Need a day that's not listed? Call us!

Daily Schedule- Preschool

Designed to help young children learn in a variety of formats and transition effectively between activities, below is a sample daily schedule of our Preschool Program:


7:15-7:45am:  Arrival and Check-in (reading and coloring for early arrivals)

7:45-9:00am:   Learning Center: Art/ Blocks/ Technology/ Drama/ Sand & Water/ Science/ Music/ Math

9:00-9:10am:   Clean Up and Bathroom Breaks

9:10-9:40am:    Playground Free Play

9:40-10:00am:  Wash Up and Outside Morning Snack (weather permitting)

10:00-10:30am: Values or Theme-Based Group Activity

10:30-11:00am: Circle/ Story Time

11:00-11:15am: Clean-up and Bathroom Breaks

11:15-11:45am: Sack lunches (all attendees present after 11:30am must bring a sack lunch)

11:45- 12:00pm: Rest Time transition

12:00-2:00pm:    Rest Time

2:00-2:15pm:      Clean-up and bathroom breaks

2:15-2:45pm:      Outside afternoon snack (weather permit)

2:45-3:30pm:      Playgroup Free Play

3:30-3:45pm:      Bathroom Breaks

3:45-4:00pm:      Group Activity

4:00-5:00pm:      Free Play

5:00-5:15pm:      Clean up and bathroom breaks

5:15-5:45pm:      Closing activities

Winter Break Camp Scholarship Application
Are you a single parent?
How old is your child?
Will your child be attending camp to enable you to work?
Do you live within 20 minutes of The Empowerment Center?
Do you live in Sacramento County?


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The Empowerment Center, by Single Mom Strong and EmpowerME Preschool & Chidcare are located at:

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