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The S.A.S.S. Awards (Sacramento Area Success Stipend) were created by the founders of the Sacramento Women’s Expo and Single Mom Strong.  In a time when great, unexpected need and a dampened sense of spirit has resulted from the global pandemic and chaos of 2020, we chose to highlight stories of resilience: women who are thriving against the odds. We recognize that an investment in strong Sacramento-Area women, those demonstrating determination and dedication to becoming their best selves, is an investment in the betterment of our community.


You are a Woman with Purpose. You are Powerful. You are Dedicated. You are Determined.

We see you – working so hard to create your best life, and we believe in investing in those who invest in themselves.


The S.A.S.S. Awards are a celebration of your efforts. We want to see you THRIVE.


Your award can be used for such items as: tuition or other education costs, a security deposit to move your family into a home, investment into your entrepreneurship, etc. Your award can also be used to provide relief from temporary financial concerns resulting from circumstances beyond your control, such as assistance with a rent payment after layoff or furlough, legal fees for custody concerns, etc.

Feeling S.A.S.S.y?

Please be prepared to:

Provide demographic information
Demonstrate financial need
Provide personal references
Tell us your story: Where have you come from? Where are you going?
Explain how a $500 S.A.S.S. Award will help you


The S.A.S.S. Awards are distributed twice per year: in February at Single Mom Strong's "Love Your Life" event and in October at The Sacramento Women's Expo. Five finalists will be selected by a panel of judges for each award presentation. Each finalist will be required to submit a photo or video clip, which will then be reviewed by our panel of judges.

Application deadlines (annually): January 27/ Septmber 27

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